8 January 2020

The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party issued the following statement on 8th January 2019:

Once again, the sovereignty of our country is subjected to a new violation and our Iraqi citizens are being terrified, as Iran launched a missile attack early this morning on bases in Ain Al-Assad in Anbar and Harir in Erbil.

This Iranian bombing operation, as well as the events that preceded it, will increase the legitimate concern among our people that Iraq has actually become a field for the conflict between America and Iran, in flagrant violation of its sovereignty by all parties. This bombing again indicates the absence of a significant and concrete role for the Iraqi government in stopping these flagrant violations and ensuring the safety and security of Iraqi citizens.

We affirm our steadfast stance in emphasizing the necessity of respecting the sovereignty of our country and the inviolability of its territories, airspace and waters, and the condemnation of any violation to which it is subjected by any party. We are also firmly against turning our homeland into an arena to settle accounts and implement tit-for-tat revenge operations.

The current developments also indicate the absence of serious efforts by the Iraqi government and the dominant political forces to build a comprehensive Iraqi national stance, which stems from the supreme interest of our people and country and protects them from the scourge of international and regional conflicts. Such a stance should strive to defuse and settle these conflicts by peaceful and diplomatic means, by respecting international laws and norms and ensuring peace and security of peoples.

All parties are required to exercise restraint, prudence, and wisdom, and to prevent our people, youth, and wealth fuelling a war with which our people have nothing to do. Our people's choices and will have to be respected, being the masters of their own destiny and their independent national decision-making, away from external pressures, threats and interference in their internal affairs.

In the face of the mounting dangers indicated by recent developments, which constitute a growing threat to the security and safety of our people, and the need to enable our country to preserve national sovereignty and the independence of the Iraqi decision-making, it is necessary to intensify serious national effort aimed at strengthening the military institutions of the state, enabling them to fulfil their role in accordance with the Constitution and create the proper conditions to end the foreign military presence on our territories.

 Our people have suffered greatly from wars and sanctions, and from the rule of tyrants and dictators, and they aspire not to return those days full of tragedies and disasters. They want to build their lives away from violence, hatred, corruption and sectarian power-sharing, in an atmosphere of peace, security, tranquillity, justice, true democracy and respect for human rights, and relations based on equality with all neighbouring countries and the world.


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