19 October 2023 It is a disgrace and a barbaric crime what has happened and is happening in Gaza.

The Israeli barrage of bombs and missiles that Gaza is facing, with its people; women, children, its elderly and young, is a crime of genocide. It shames humanity in every part the world that is longing for peace instead of the language of war, the smell of gunpowder and blood, and the images of death that fill all TV channels, media outlets and social media. It confirms the brutality of the Israeli aggression that is threatening the people and land of Gaza with destruction and forced displacement.

Gaza is without water, food, electricity, humanitarian and medical supplies. It is facing the Israeli aggression with steadfastness and more insistence on clinging to the land of Palestine as a people who have the right to sovereignty and the right to life.

We denounce all the brutal attacks carried out by the Zionist entity since the beginning of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, the latest of which is the crime of bombing the Al-Ahli Hospital in the Gaza Strip, which led to the death and injury of hundreds, most of them women and children. Everyday dozens of people lose their lives in the cycle of violence that is sweeping other areas of occupied Palestine. 

The numbers of victims are increasing with the continued Israeli aggression and war which blatantly violates human rights and threatens the population of Gaza with genocide. This war is supported by major powers, led by the US which talks about human rights while being the first to violate them by supporting Israel.

Iraqi Women's League and all supporters of the Palestinian cause call on the peoples of the world to adopt a unified position and launch regional and global campaigns to pressure the UN Security Council to adopt an urgent and immediate resolution to stop the Israeli aggression which violates all international agreements, charters and treaties, and the principles of human rights.

We call for immediate action to stop the massacres carried out by the Zionist aggression, while committing to a just solution that guarantees the Palestinian people their right to establish their national and fully sovereign state on their land, Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital. Medical and humanitarian support must be delivered, and protection be provided for the medical teams that are working to treat the wounded and injured, most of whom are women, children and the elderly.

We salute the steadfastness of the people of Gaza and extend sincere condolences to the families of the martyrs.

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people for a free Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.


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