6 February 2023

The Iraqi Communist Party has expressed the party's solidarity “with the Syrian and Turkish peoples, the citizens of the Iraqi Kurdistan region and all the victims of the horrific earthquake that occurred today early morning (6th February 2023)”. It has extended “deep condolences to the families of the earthquake victims and solidarity with those trapped under the rubble."

Comrade Hussein al-Najjar, member of the party’s Political Bureau, called on the Iraqi government to "provide assistance and send rescue teams to the affected areas, contribute to the efforts to rescue those trapped under the rubble and provide all possible assistance for this purpose."

He said, "Our Party supports the humanitarian efforts of rescue teams and volunteers and providing urgent aid and shelter. We all hope that the largest number of citizens in the affected areas will be rescued as soon as possible."

He also stressed the need for improving the seismic monitoring in Iraq to provide early warning to the citizens, while raising the level of readiness to confront natural disasters.

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