1 March 2021

Horrific news is coming out of Iraq about the crimes committed in recent days against peaceful demonstrators in Nasiriya city, Thi-Qar province in southern Iraq. These criminal acts have been committed by the security forces and militias, under the very eyes of the Iraqi government and with premeditated planning of leading elements of the regime of political sectarianism, to suppress the popular protest movement. At least 10 young protesters have been killed and more than 260 others injured d by live ammunition during this latest bloodshed Nasiriya.

This is how the government continues to respond to the popular protest movement, which has regained momentum, and to the massive demonstrations that have taken place in support of the protesters in Nasiriya and in solidarity with their legitimate demands. This movement escalated on the 10th anniversary of popular protests that erupted on 25th February 2011, to get rid of the ethno-sectarian power-sharing system and political sectarianism and corruption, and to build a civil democratic Iraq and achieve social justice.

The tragic situation of Iraq and the deep-rooted political, economic, financial and health crises and its dire repercussions are casting a heavy shadow on the lives of Iraqi citizens. This situation has certainly the potential for further deterioration as long as the ruling forces remain in power. It is leaving more people with no choice but to defend their right to life and a decent living through various forms of peaceful protest as guaranteed by the Constitution.  

We, the undersigned, strongly condemn these heinous crimes and call for an immediate end to the massacres against the peaceful young protesters in Iraq.

We hold the Iraqi government responsible for the continued bloody repression of protesters and for allowing its security forces and sectarian militias to continue the killing, kidnapping, torture and intimidation of civil activists. We demand an immediate end to this bloody repressive campaign, and that the government reveals the identity of the perpetrators of killings and those aiding and abetting them, bring the criminals to justice, release all detainees and respond to the just demands of the protesters. 


  • Iraqi Communist Party Organisation in Britain
  • Communist Party of Britain
  • Communist party of Sudan – UK & Northern Ireland branch
  • Tudeh Party of Iran Organisation in Britain
  • Iraqi Democratic Movement in Britain
  • Iraqi Women’s League – UK
  • The Association of Iraqi Academics – UK
  • Iraqi Cultural Cafe in London
  • Free Faylee Kurds Organisation in Britain
  • Iraqi Al-Ansar Communists League in Britain

Kurdistan Communist Party Organisation in B

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