The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party issued the following statement on 27th July 2020:

At a time when the protesters and participants of the Uprising are impatiently waiting for the interim government to fulfil its promises, announce the names of the martyrs of the October Uprising and honour them along with their families, open the case files of the killers and those who gave ordersreferring all of them to the judiciary to receive their fair punishment for the massacres committed against the peaceful protesters, and provide protection for the arenas and areas of mass protests, our people were surprised last night by a large-scale and organised sweep by the "riot forces" of Tahrir Square in Baghdad, using live bullets and murderous arsenal against peaceful protesters. According to available information, this has so far led to the killing of two protesters, the injury of dozens others and the burning of their sit-in tents.

The events last night and the repression faced earlier by protesters and demonstrators demanding their rights and the provision of electricity and drinking water and other services, cannot be justified in any way. These acts deserve condemnation and denunciation and constitute a return to the practices of the previous government which was overthrown by the blood of the martyrs and the resilience of the protesters. They have consistently chanted "We Want a Homeland"; a homeland in which all its citizens live in safety and peace, free of oppression, killing, silencing voices and stifling the right to expression and peaceful demonstration that is guaranteed constitutionally.

We are absolutely certain that such bloody repressive practices will only aggravate the situation, and that they raise levels of resentment, anger, and discontent. This is a dangerous path that only leads to exacerbate matters and does not provide solutions to the chronic and emerging problems that plague the majority of the people. They are suffering scorching summer heat and facing the electricity crisis, the financial crisis, the deterioration of health, living and economic conditions, poor services, and the greed and corruption of the ruling minority.

The government, while bearing political responsibility for what happened last night, must open a broad, public and transparent investigation, and involve legal and civil bodies in this investigation. The most severe punishment must be administered to those who issued the orders, carried out this heinous act and committed this reprehensible crime. The government must respond without delay and procrastination to the demands of the peaceful protesters and the majority of the people, and those included in its own programme. People have been fed up with promises while more innocent blood is being shed, and the trio of poverty, hunger and disease continues to kill Iraqis.

The Parliament too must assume its responsibility and scrutinise the government about the bloody events witnessed in Tahrir Square yesterday, as well as all previous acts of repression, killings, assassinations and kidnappings.

The killing and repression must stop immediately!

Baghdad - July 27, 2020



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