The Iranian authorities launched a missiles strike against what they called “terrorist groups in neighboring countries,” most of which hit populated areas in the city of Erbil. The brutal attack resulted in direct hits and casualties including martyrs and wounded. This Iranian aggression is a violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and the security of its people, a gross violation of good neighbourly relations, a destabilization of the security and stability of the region, and is only aggravating tensions therein.

We affirm that the repetition of these attacks, without taking measures to stop them, are turning Iraq into an arena for settling scores, which constitutes a great risk to its sovereignty, security and stability.

While condemning this blatant and cowardly aggression, we stress that the Iraqi government should implement the measures it had announced, and that it takes firm steps to ensure the non-recurrence of such aggressive acts, from Iran or others.

The Political Bureau
Iraqi Communist Party

Baghdad 16-1-2024

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