A Statement to the Sudanese People

The intense violent military clash between the generals of the Security Committee and their forces is exposing the masses of our people to danger and recklessness of the counter-revolutionary forces' ambitions and to more bloodshed.

This clash is a result of the deviation of the military and civil forces that assumed the leadership and rule of the country since the beginning of the revolution in April 2019.

The victims of the continuing violence and counter-violence are the people who have been striving for the continuation of the Revolution and achieving full democratic civil power. The way back to normal life begins with an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire, the departure of armies and militias from the cities and villages, and keeping them far from citizens’ gatherings in towns and rural areas.

What is happening now is a continuation of the struggle over power and the country's wealth, encouraged by some foreign powers, and being carried out by armed groups subservient to these foreign powers. These bloody clashes and their continuation is what our Party has been warning about, and they are spreading confusion and fear among citizens.

In this context, the Communist Party considers it necessary to expedite the dissolution of all militias, collecting the weapons deployed in cities and rural areas, and rebuilding a unified professional national army.

The Sudanese Communist Party calls for unity to demand an immediate ceasefire, the exit of armies and militias from cities, and to save the country from the bloody infighting among the generals.

The unity of our people, all the patriotic forces, the Forces for Radical Change and the Resistance Committees in support of the goals of the Revolution and restoring peace, security and stability is an urgent task. It is the only basis to end the current crisis, reclaim the Revolution and establish the power of the people.

Freedom, Peace, Justice and Civil State is the Choice of the People

In this context, the Communist Party calls upon our people to protect the neighbourhoods and residential areas.

The Sudanese Communist Party also calls upon the peoples of the world and the democratic and Communist forces to raise the banners of solidarity with the struggle of the Sudanese people and to restrain the forces hostile to the glorious December Revolution.

Central Committee

Sudanese Communist Party

15 April 2023


* Issued by the Party’s Central Committee meeting held on 15 April 2023.

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