Once again, the city of Erbil is subjected to a vicious attack, this time with ballistic missiles. This attack, and the previous attacks on the capital of the Kurdistan region, constitute a blatant violation of the security and stability of our country, and an attempt to intimidate the citizens in the region and Iraq.

However, it is not just a reprehensible violation of Iraq's sovereignty and a blatant interference in its affairs. Rather, it is an act that has clear implications, and carries political messages regardless of what has been said about the nature of the targeted sites.

No party that has carried out or claimed responsibility for this missile attack, which was launched from outside Iraqi territory, can justify or defend it. It constitutes a violation of Iraq's sovereignty and the sanctity of Iraqi lands and airspace, a violation of international law, norms, international relations and diplomacy, and an attempt to impose political agendas through the use of missiles.

The various state institutions should not just condemn and denounce the aggression, but also take all appropriate measures to stop these repeated attacks, whatever their source, and to prosecute the perpetrators. In addition, they should always strive not to embroil the Kurdistan region and Iraq in conflicts that serve agendas in which the people of Kurdistan and Iraq have no interest.

We condemn this heinous crime and call on all other Iraqi political forces to declare their condemnation of it. They must stand in deed and in word by the sovereignty, security and stability of Iraq, based on the fact that the concept of sovereignty is one and indivisible.

Political Bureau

Iraqi Communist Party


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