25 October 2021

The military leadership in Sudan has carried out a coup this morning, supported by the forces of the counter-revolution and the remnants of Al-Bashir's dictatorial regime, to end the democratic transition. It began with launching a campaign of arrests of political and civil leaders and the suppression of popular demonstrations against the putschists and declaring a state of emergency.

This coup represents the culmination of internal and external conspiracies to circumvent the slogans of the Sudanese people's Revolution in December 2018 and deal a blow to its gains, the latest of which was the coup attempt carried out by a group of the military last month. It comes nearly two years after the formation of the transitional power structures in Sudan, a deepening economic crisis, and against the background of curtailing freedoms, violating rights and maintaining laws restricting them. This was coupled with attempts to empty the slogans of the December Revolution from their content and usurp the means to achieve change that are represented by the Legislative Council and local popular government. In addition, no steps were taken to achieve justice and retribution for the martyrs and to investigate of the massacre of dispersing a peaceful sit-in that took place in Khartoum in June 2019, as well as hindering the trial of leading figures of the former regime. The demands of the forces of Revolution for the establishment of a transitional authority to address urgent issues within a period not exceeding four years were denied. These demands include the formation of the Legislative Council as an important step in the path of consolidating full civilian authority, setting the principles of a permanent constitution, holding free and fair elections and consolidating the principle of peaceful transfer of power, in order to build a national democratic state based on the principle of citizenship and the rule of law.

While declaring its strong condemnation of this military coup, the Iraqi Communist Party affirms its full solidarity with the Sudanese people and their democratic civil forces, foremost of which is the Sudanese Communist Party. We call for intensifying international solidarity with their courageous resistance to defeat the coup, and call for an end to repression, the immediate release of all detainees, the abolition of the state of emergency, and submission to the will of the Sudanese people expressed by the December Revolution and its goals of freedom, peace and justice.

All solidarity with the Sudanese people and their democratic civil forces

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Iraqi Communist Party

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