11 January 2024

The first session of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) commenced today to consider South Africa’s case against the Israeli occupation state on charges of committing crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The Iraqi Communist Party salutes this bold political and solidarity initiative by South Africa, which affirms its consistent solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just cause. It has received broad support from the forces of freedom and peace around the world that are demanding an immediate and permanent cessation of the Israeli war of genocide in Gaza.

The Party also salutes all countries, as well as political, Left and trade union figures that have supported South Africa.

With the start of the first session at the ICJ to consider this case, the Communist Party calls on the Iraqi government to declare its full support for this step. This should be accompanied by urgent action to call on the rest of the Arab and Islamic countries to take a similar position, in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their heroic steadfastness in Gaza against the war crimes that the Zionist occupation has continued to commit, for more than three months now, with the blatant support of the United States and its allies.

The Political Bureau

Iraqi Communist Party 


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